Join the Revolution in Global Payments

At, we are on a mission to transform global transactions and make them feel as local and personal as handing cash to a neighbor. In our world, boundaries vanish, currencies converge, and business thrives.

Our Cultural Cornerstones

Global Mindset, Local Heart

We think globally, acting on solutions that influence businesses worldwide. But at the core, we’re as personal, friendly, and close-knit as a local community.

Innovation at Every Step

Every challenge presents an opportunity. Our culture thrives on innovation, be it in developing next-gen payment solutions or finding new ways to enhance our workplace.

Diversity & Inclusion

With team members hailing from various parts of the world, we celebrate our diverse backgrounds. Every voice is heard, valued, and respected.

Growth & Learning

Continuous growth and learning form the backbone of our culture. We invest in personal and professional development to ensure that we’re always at the forefront of the industry.

Transparency & Trust

Just as we strive for seamless transactions, we value transparent communication and mutual trust within our teams.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our team is a unique blend of financial experts, technological visionaries, and business strategists who believe in simplifying global transactions. At, we’re dedicated to making every international payment feel just like a local one. Get to know the leaders behind our vision:

Jurgen Calleja

Our Founder

The visionary behind, Jurgen is the driving force that set out to change the landscape of global payments. With his vast experience and passion for simplifying transactions, he’s not only set the course but continually inspires the team to push boundaries.

JP Barthet

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

An expert in revenue strategies and business growth, JP’s acumen ensures’s solutions not only address market needs but also lead the industry. His insights into global markets have been instrumental in our rapid expansion.

Cristian Engstrom

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

The tech genius of the team, Cristian oversees the technological backbone of Under his leadership, our systems have evolved to be robust, secure, and at the cutting edge of payment solutions.

Sam Barthet

Account Management

Sam bridges the gap between our clients and our platform. With an ear always tuned to the needs of our customers, he ensures that every interaction with is smooth, satisfactory, and efficient.

Blair Avellino

Head of Operations (OPS)

Blair is the maestro orchestrating the intricate workings of Ensuring every department moves in harmony, he’s committed to streamlining processes and making our operations more efficient.

Alexandros Yfantis

Brand Ambassador

The face of our brand in the global market, Alexandros champions the vision wherever he goes. His infectious enthusiasm and deep belief in our mission make him the perfect envoy to spread the word about our innovative solutions.

Join Our Journey

Passionate about the future of payment solutions? Eager to be part of a team that’s breaking barriers? is not just a company. It’s a movement. A revolution in the way we think about international transactions. If you believe in our vision and have the skills, passion, and dedication to match, we would love to have you on board.