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Whether you run a big marketplace or a small online business, our user-friendly tools will help you streamline and customize your payments.

Why Kasha?

Our Solutions

Quick Start

Our solutions offer quick and easy registration, personal account set-up, and payment acceptance without the need for complex integrations.

Seamless Experience

Enhance customer satisfaction, strengthen loyalty, and boost conversions with an optimized and modern payment experience.

Advanced Security

Keep your business and customers’ data secure with our advanced security measures, including tokenization and in-house anti-fraud system.

Payment Methods

Here’s why our approach is gaining popularity:

Card Processing

Accept all major debit and credit cards to drive revenue and global growth.

Know About

Our B2B Services

Hosted Payments Page

Redirect your customers to a customizable payments page they’ll love. We’ll handle the rest, from user experience and routing to currency conversion and other payment processing nuances.

Payments Widget

Enhance your user experience with our frictionless payment widget integration that seamlessly blends into your platform. We’ll take care of the complex payment processing behind the scenes.

Pay by Link

Boost conversions with a payment link and make your customers’ lives a whole lot easier. Allow them to send links sent via email, text, or messenger and see how sales start pouring in.

Pay on Account

Simplify B2B payments and boost cash flow with our pay-on-account option. Improve customer satisfaction and retention with a flexible payment method tailored to your business customers.



API Integration

With our API integration, you can say goodbye to clunky, outdated payment processes. It allows for smooth communication between our solution and yours so you can stay on top of your transactions in real time.


Our dev-friendly SDKs make integration with your platform easy and efficient. They provide access to all necessary features for payment processing and are constantly updated to ensure the latest technology is available.

Shopping Cart Modules

Our shopping cart modules seamlessly integrate with your e-commerce platform for easy, secure online transactions. Customizable and with real-time updates, they can help you take conversions to a whole new level.

Break Down Borders, Boost Business!

Lightning-Fast Transactions

Experience the swiftness of local payments, regardless of geographical boundaries.

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Localization Made Easy

With Kasha.io, you can effortlessly integrate local payment options, such as popular e-wallets or region-specific payment systems, allowing your customers to pay using their preferred methods.

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Payment Solutions





Here are some frequently asked questions

How does your global payment processing solution work?

We handle the nuances of payment processing so you can focus on running and growing your business. Our all-in-one solution simplifies global payments management, enabling companies to accept and manage payments from customers around the world in a variety of currencies and through different payment methods.

What types of payment methods do you support?

We support a wide range of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, mobile payments, e-wallets, bank transfers, and even cryptocurrencies.

Can I accept payments from customers all over the world?

Yes! Our payment processing solution is designed to facilitate payments from customers all over the world, regardless of their location, currency, or preferred payment method.

How secure is your payment processing system?

Security is our number one priority. We have implemented multiple layers of protection to ensure the safety of our users’ payment and personal data. Our security measures include encryption, tokenization, and an in-house anti-fraud system.